Mediahouse for digital content

Digital content plays an increasingly important role in our world. Content is becoming an all-important success factor - because this is where the greatest potential lies for being emotionally different from the competition. More than ever, it's about engaging stories.

CREATORS are happy to take on this challenge. We dare to break the rules and think things over from a different angle. In our productions, we boldly stage brands and products – onsite and online.

We don't think in limits, but in possibilities, always keeping an eye on the big picture. A rousing story emerges from the precisely choreographed interplay of content, dramaturgy, architecture, light, design, film, animation, stage action, movements and sound. We master this keyboard to the fullest.
Our goal: to create fascinating experiences. To this end, we are in constant creative exchange with our partner and experts – enlarging horizons and keeping ourselves up-to-date on many kind of levels.

With the 3D real-time authoring software VENTUZ, we can react to the increasing flexibility requirements of our customers and implement changes even at the 'last minute'. In Ventuz we design high-end presentations, interactive applications and TV graphics. We are able to combine complex graphic content and designs with the latest technological developments and thus create a new kind of presentation experience for speakers and audience.


Portfolio Mediahouse

  • Script development & storyboarding
  • Multimedia productions and shows
  • High-end Ventuz presentation
  • Unity & Unreal productions and applications
  • Interactive applications and exhibits
  • Augmented, virtual & mixed Reality
  • Mediatectures
  • 3D projection mapping
  • 2D / 3D motion design
  • Film production
  • Postproduction
  • Music production
  • Broadcast graphics