Live Com Concept Office

Let CREATORS forge your brand world. We turn your message into a mental and emotional experience using the languages of words, images, audio, music, architecture, scenery and dramatic narrative. We see ourselves as lateral and unconventional thinkers, as providers of input and ideas. As coordinators, we bring and hold together the ideal creative team and keep your project on course.

Interdisciplinary work is part of our daily routine. If you commission us to produce live communication events, you won’t just be getting high-quality services but also an additional level of quality assurance that comes with coordinating what we do with all relevant stakeholders.

We enjoy tackling all the tasks that come up as we develop and prepare for marketing events, from the initial concepts and designs through to messaging content and the details of the presentation itself. That begins with developing a core idea that we then develop into a full-blown project concept before implementing that in a show that’s planned and coordinated down to the last detail. We will not budge one iota from our pledge to provide you with the best live communication tool for your project.

Live Communication Portfolio

  • Live Communication concept development
  • Targets & messaging
  • Architectural and technical concepts
  • Event and exhibition design (incl. visualisation)
  • Brand and product presentations
  • Innovative presentation techniques
  • Stage direction rundowns
  • Design of key visuals and event CI
  • Moderator and speaker scripts
  • Creative management and coordination of all suppliers
  • Managing on-site preparations, including directing rehearsals