24h Le Mans 2014

Project Details

Le Mans 2014: A Relaunch for the Teams A new race rule introduced an energy allotment per lap. The task here was to communicate this radical change to a global audience and position Audi as a technology leader. The core concept was to build on a slogan, #welcomechallenges, to construct an absorbing narrative over a time frame of several months. We took the target audience “with us” to Le Mans. turning the legendary motor race into a dazzling 360° PR event.

Even before the race got under way, Audi was the subject of wide editorial coverage thanks to events like the 24h XBox world record in Berlin or the safety car drive to Le Mans with tech blogger Sascha Pallenberg. These activities were flanked by viral content, blog coverage, advertising, press releases and videos.

#welcomechallenges was the central nexus of all communications. On the evening before the race, the media experienced the world launch of the Audi R8 LMX directly on the race course. On 14 June, the event participants experienced the race up close at seven Audi locations. The central Audi hub was the Racing Arena, which hosted a series of lectures, workshops and meet-and-greet events. At the RaceTalk events, experts analysed crucial moments and situations, and gave their unique insights into issues and topics of particular relevance to the Challenge event. A mobile reporting crew was on hand to take viewers to the scene of the action. A range of additional acitivities reinforced the #welcomechallenges concept and delivered background information and stories.

The campaign reached over 95 million people in 190 countries, with a rise recorded of over 500% in the number of fans.  YouTube views broke the 4 million barrier.



• FAMAB Award

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