#SoGehtCoupé - Big Bang Audi A5/S5

Ingolstadt 2016

Project Details

The global launch of the new Audi A5/S5 was more than just a single media event. Employees, fans and followers of the Audi brand became part of the car’s market launch and were featured in a special live event. The slogan #SoGehtCoupé became the basis for an entire campaign, with the launch event evening transformed into a ‘Coupé Festival’.

The concept focused on the networking various formats not only temporally and spatially but also in terms of the media used.

The event opened with a “Late Light Show”. On successive evenings in the run-up to the evening launch event, staff and locals were treated to several light and media shows. Technology and art melded to form a multimedia spectacle that gave a first taste of the new Generation Audi A5/S5. In addition to the launch announcement, press, members of the public and employees enjoyed a special exhibition at the Audi museum entitled ‘Dynamic Sculptures’.  Fan clubs from across Europe were invited to the evening launch event and gladly took the opportunity of a ride in classic Audi coupés from the company’s history. The content produced for PR and social media uses exuded a rich authenticity.

The launch event presented the history and development of the coupé from its earliest origins through to the present day. The new coupés were displayed using an interactive driving show. The cars’ movements generated media content in real-time on the façade of the Audi Forum and the ‘museum mobile’ in Ingolstadt. In a way, the new Audi models presented themselves.



• FAMAB Award (Bronze)

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