Q4 e-tron Media Day

Eisbachstudios, Munich

Project Details

Progress live: even before the global public sees the new Q4 e-tron, Audi is presenting its new series to the international press. In close cooperation with AUDI AG and the colleagues from amalia events GmbH, Design Company and macomNIYU, CREATORS developed the digital event concept and produced all media content. The Eisbach Studios in Munich were assigned as venue for this digital press event – a live broadcast center with 5 theme-studios was built there. During the day, the media and press representatives experience a varied, interactive live program of digital workshops & interviews, Q&A sessions, round tables, virtual photo shoots and live presentations. Highlight of the day was the 30-minute press conference, which offered a compact overview on the new series. Dirk Arnold, Head of Audi Communications, hosted the show. In interviews with Audi experts and Chief Technology Officer Oliver Hoffmann, he explained everything press and media needed to know about the new Q4 e-tron and Q4 Sportback e-tron. In brief live-switches, Mira Dechant, Audi  Communication, presented other Q4 top-innovations from the theme-studios, such as the AR head-up display and the customizable light signature. The format of the media day met with great interest from the international target groups. An anonymous survey showed that the media day was seen as extremely helpful for preparing press reports and that the high level of interaction at the event was perceived as a major benefit.

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