Meaningful technology to keep the world in motion

sphereNight, Beijing 2022

Project Details

Audi skysphere concept, Audi grandsphere concept and Audi urbansphere concept – three vehicles that stand for clearly differentiated use cases. With these concept cars, Audi gives a glimpse of a not-too-distant future. A future in which autonomous vehicle technologies create completely new possibilities. Individual mobility can be rethought, because the driver is no longer occupied with the task of driving, but is given new freedom to use the time in the car differently. Driving time becomes lifetime. The car becomes a digital experience device. Vehicle designers are enabled to completely rethink the car: from pure car design to experience design.

The initial concept for the evening event of Auto Beijing 2022 envisaged a sensational, interactive experience world in which the Chinese press and media were to experience the three sphere worlds with all their senses. Audi skysphere and grandsphere concept were already known from 2021. The third in the group, the Audi urbansphere concept, was to celebrate its physical world premiere in China on this day and complete the sphere trilogy. Unfortunately, shortly before the event day, Corona threw a spanner in the works and forced us to convert the event to a digital format.

CREATORS supported the team from AUDI AG, Audi China and SMS Group China in the conception and produced parts of the media content. The central staging instrument was a 36 meter wide LED in the auditorium with a resolution of almost 10,000 pixels, which was supplemented by a large-scale 6K floor projection.

The sphereNight started with a retrospective on skysphere and grandsphere concept and explained the underlying Audi vision of future mobility. The revelation of the urbansphere concept then took place in a multi-stage dramaturgy that slowly revealed the vehicle from the inside out and thus translated the inside-out thoughts of the designers 1:1 into the action on stage. After presentations by the urbansphere makers, the final sphere Mediashow summarized the big messages of the sphere models in an emotional final presentation.

The mobility of the future, for Audi this means linking vision and reality as closely as possible. Meaningful technology that keeps the world in motion.


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