Living Matrix Installation

Los Angeles 2019

Project Details

Audi presents its second fully electric vehicle: the Audi e-tron Sportback. The all-electric SUV Coupé is equipped with digital matrix LED headlights (DML). The innovative lighting technology consists of 1 million individual micromirrors. That turns the headlight into a projector. Light becomes video.

Our initial question: What is the perfect place to bring e-mobility and the film world together? The answer: Los Angeles - film metropolis and close enough to e-pioneer Tesla and digital players such as Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Everything should be different. So we decided to break the rules. No classic presentations. No long speeches. The goal: a happening that requires no explanation.

We had the idea of ​​"marrying" the video headlights (DML) with KUKA robots. Thus, living beings were created. Intelligent and empathetic, comparable to the famous PIXAR desk lamp. As a narrator, they took guests on a trip.

A rear wall consisting of 48 e-tron headlights completed the show installation.

A specially developed software made it possible to orchestrate all elements. The precise interplay of music, light, video and the corresponding movements of the KUKA robots created a unique show experience.

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