“Light Robots” Press Conference AUDI AG

International Geneva Motor Show 2016

Project Details

At the International Geneva Motor Show — the first international motor show in spring hosted in Europe — Audi launched an innovation offensive, presenting itself to the world from a new perspective.

The focus of the press conference was on the new Audi Q2, an SUV featuring a new, geometric aesthetic and an “all-in” approach to technology and features that was designed from the ground up to reflect the needs of 20- to 35-year-olds.

The event positioned the Audi Q2 in a new market segment for Audi and addressed a new, younger target audience in an authentic way while infusing the brand with a new sense of cool.

The central idea was to offer a digital playground, an interactive space that constantly reacts to the audience. It was a strong expression of the Generation Y lifestyle, eschewing tired conventions for a bold, fast-paced blaze of creativity.

The highlight was the Light Robots Show. Unexpectedly, the lights above the stage suddenly transformed into living beings that presented the world of the Q2 in the style of interactive gaming consoles. The result was an action-packed combination of mobile light effects and media content displayed on a 35-metre LED wall. It was the first and only show of its kind in the world.

The Light Robots not only amazed the participants lucky enough to experience the show first-hand but also generated a wide-ranging global media response and record outreach. Its success was reflected in millions of views and likes.



• BEA Award (Bronze)
• GALAXY Award (Silver)
• German Design Award

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