Audi Annual Media Conference 2022, Ingolstadt

Project Details

Audi Annual Media Conference 2022, Ingolstadt

Together with Audi and all commissioned partners, CREATORS supported the four rings in the concept development and the content-production for the Annual Media Conference 2022. We also developed the on-air graphics package and produced some of the animations and clips.

The task: to rethink the annual press conference. Consistently digital. And consistently interactive.

The concept: let the journalists look behind the scenes; give them the opportunity to rediscover Audi. With the aim of experiencing the transformation process in the company as authentically and credibly as possible.

The heart of the day: the Annual Media Conference with the presentation of the financial result and an outlook on the future of the company. Exchange and dialogue were the top priorities. Viewers had the opportunity to post their questions directly to the studio via a microsite. In smaller round tables, the press representatives were able to talk to the Audi board members personally via video chat. And even 1:1 interviews before and after the conference were possible.

The key financial figures were presented in the form of an augmented reality keynote. Numbers, diagrams and graphs were tracked directly into the camera image as virtual objects. The AR presentation made a significant contribution to presenting complex financial content in an easy-to-understand and memorable manner.

And as part of the accompanying sneak preview, selected media representatives were given an exclusive foretaste of the Audi A6 Avant e-tron concept.

All in all, a lot more than 'just' an annual press conference.

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