#Future Ready Media Days

Audi Piazza, Ingolstadt

Project Details

In the run-up to the IAA, international press and media representatives experienced an Audi transformation update. The Media Days focused on all the challenges of our time, which not only affect Audi, but the entire industry and society. The four rings provided the Audi answers – a journey through the entire company and beyond. A specially designed livestreaming studio on the Audi Piazza in Ingolstadt served as main location of the Media Days. Every days one spotlight-Theme came into focus: Corporate & Business, Digitalization, Sustainability and Corporate Culture. Even before the public, the journalists experienced on day 5 the new Audi grandsphere concept, a visionary outlook on the next generation of the luxury class at Audi.

In the form of Q&A sessions on all days, the participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas directly with board members and experts. In addition, the event days were accompanied by a large number of digital activities. A pre-communication path led to the content of the Media Days. Daily press releases and stories also provided in-depth content. Selected journalists were offered an exclusive additional program on site. In addition to personal conversations and interviews with Audi experts, the participants experienced the grandsphere concept up close and personal. Vorsprung durch Technik - that's more than just a claim. And that's exactly what Audi demonstrated with the Media Days.

CREATORS was responsible for the creative conception including the content-related topic coordination and production of large parts of films and graphic content. Together with Audi, we developed the event format and translated the overarching storyline into rundowns, architecture, moderations, talks, films... Now we have had very busy months in which we were allowed to discuss the future of mobility intensively with many inspiring personalities and experts.

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