e-tron GT Experience

Zenithalle, München

Project Details

Conceived as a real event, the corona pandemic in February 2021 thwarted the original event planning. Consequently, the international media day took place as a purely digital e-tron GT experience. CREATORS were assigned to produce the e-tron GT reveal trailer. The expectation: a rousing spectacle that transports the pure fascination of Audi’s new flagship into the world. A 5,000 square meter light parkour in the Zenithalle in Munich served as the film set. Professional drivers from the Audi Driving Experience steered the new e-tron GT models down to the last centimeter through the various light installations along the course. In the middle of the driving show, the prototype, protected with camouflage stickers, was transformed into the series model. Racing drones equipped with cameras accompanied the drives and provided breathtaking images.

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