“Digi Cloud” Press Conference AUDI AG

IAA Frankfurt 2015

Project Details

The car is joining the cloud. Digitalisation and networking are providing the basis for a range of new services and technical solutions. Online services are becoming ever more deeply integrated into the system we’ve previously known as the car. Driving a car is transforming into a “seamlessly connected experience”. This new breed of car learns with every kilometre travelled, from every hour and every day and from every situation. In this context, the cloud is a central hub for saving, analysing and transmitting information.
The world premiere of the Audi e-tron quattro concept car was presented at the Audi press conference at the IAA International Car Show in Frankfurt. This concept car showed for the first time all key technologies integrated into a single vehicle.

The central feature of the press conference was a kinetic cloud sculpture using almost 1,000 LED spheres. Each sphere was individually controllable, and multiple spheres were combined to form images and shapes. The cloud provided a powerful symbolism that was immediately accessible to anyone viewing a video of the event. But it was also easy to understand on still photographs of the show.

The interplay between cloud movements and media content plunged the participants into a new form of virtual reality. Moving lights, sphere formations and additional media combined to spawn enthrallingly expressive imagery that manifested the principles behind futuristic mobility concepts.
Data streams flowed from the surrounding LED surface to the cloud where they were collected and analysed before being sent back to the surrounding system. Following this principle, the show embodied crucial development trends such as connectivity, AI and self-learning systems and transferred those ideas over to the concept car.


• Automotive Brand Contest
• German Design Award

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