“Cinema du Futur” Press Conference AUDI AG

International Geneva Motor Show 2018

Project Details

It was a unique cinematic extravaganza in Geneva: Produced by CREATORS, the Audi show celebrated the world premiere of the new Audi A6 at the International Geneva Motor Show. The show’s design broke with many conventions. Instead of sitting in on a traditional press conference, participants experienced the new A6 in the context of a film festival.  Rather than executives boring audiences with long speeches, the show let powerfully compelling imagery do all the talking. To coincide with the A6 announcement, Audi launched a film-making competition called, ‘Reveal the A6’. Instead of producing its own product reel, Audi asked film-makers from around the world to introduce the new A6 using the language of cinema. Each film focussed on one of the three core aspects of the new A6: Comfort, digital technology and performance. In designing the competition, Audi freed the young film-makers from any creative constraints. The only stipulation: their films were not allowed to show the car itself.

Following on from the launch of the new A8 and A7 models, Audi continued its assault on the luxury car segment at the press conference in Geneva. Audi also unveiled the prototype of its first fully electric model, the Audi e-tron, starting a countdown towards the car’s world premiere at the Audi Summit in late August.

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