China Market Launch Audi TT

Peking 2015

Project Details

Breathtaking design, boundless performance and ground-breaking innovations: the Audi TT is far more than a sports car.  It embodies a lifestyle, a way of living, a Zeitgeist. In the technology-focussed Chinese market, the Audi TT comes into its own thanks to its technical innovations and purist design aesthetics. That makes the TT a strategically important component in Audi’s product palette and its development into a ‘signature brand’.

Following on from the Audi TT 360° event in Germany, the China market launch was redesigned to reflect the specificities of the Chinese market.  Presented under the slogan “You Dare Or You Don’t”, the multi-day launch provided dealers and the media with a vision for the new Audi TT in a ‘motordrome’ created specifically for this event,
whose focal point was a banked curve with an angle of 50°. As well as embodying the fascination sparked by the new TT model, the banked curve also served as a projection screen. Films, imagery and animations were produced specifically for this format, allowing impressive 180° multimedia presentations. This was integrated with stunning lighting design and a surround sound system to create a media system that enveloped the entire space.

The highlight of the event, however, was without doubt the 5-minute drive show. Multiple TTs interacted precisely with the media content displayed on the banked curve. The movement of the cars triggered a stream of new themes and visual effects, pulling participants into the dynamic high-performance world of the third generation of the Audi TT.



• Golden Award Montreux

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