Barcelona 2017

Project Details

The AUDI SUMMIT is a new and exclusive platform for the Audi brand. All product announcements and company innovations are presented at the AUDI SUMMIT in a direct and tangible way. As a premium brand, Audi also uses the SUMMIT to show the impact of technological progress (a reference to the “Vorsprung” of its famous slogan) far beyond the context of individual products. There is no comparable event or congress anywhere in today’s car industry. At the same time Audi is forging new paths, with the AUDI SUMMIT replacing some of the company’s traditional trade show format activities. In this age of digital communication, the AUDI SUMMIT shows that the company is determined to find exciting new approaches. At the first AUDI SUMMIT media attendees experienced new levels of digital networking and sustainable mobility in the smart city of the future. As an urban hotspot and pioneer of the smart city concept, Barcelona was the ideal location. The AUDI SUMMIT presented Audi’s brand transformation in a way that made the company’s new direction materially perceptible. The event was organised in two distinct areas: the one-hour brand show in the 5,000 m² auditorium and the interactive brand experience world running across a 5,500 m² brand space.

This made the AUDI SUMMIT 3-4 times the size of its spaces at international motor shows. Intense communication activity before, during and after the AUDI SUMMIT supported the entire event. This was instrumental in guaranteeing a global media echo, with content going viral across multiple social networks. This created a minutely orchestrated communication stream that continually pushed new topics and stories into the media from the SUMMIT.

The media impact of the AUDI SUMMIT was an order of magnitude greater than traditional event formats. The event’s organisers counted 170 million brand contacts,  proving the far greater potency of the AUDI SUMMIT as a communication tool. Digital, direct, substantive.



• Golden Award Montreux (Gold / B-2-B)
• BEA Award (Gold / Brand Event)
• BEA Award (Gold / Production Award)
• BEA World Festival (Gold / Silver / Bronze)
• GALAXY Award (4 x Silver)

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