Audi AI Press Conference

IAA Frankfurt 2017

Project Details

Fortschritt in three stages: Audi presented its strategy for the future at IAA 2017, focussing on autonomous driving technology in the form of three launches: the A8, the Audi ELAINE and the Audi AICON.

The Audi A8 incorporated the current development stage of Audi’s automated driving technology, Level 3. The two concept cars showcased Audi’s vision for Level 4 and Level 5 while offering a view on future Audi technologies in this arena.

Press conference participants were taken on an exciting journey into the future – both on-line and on-site – into the company’s future, detailing the company’s goals all the way towards the year 2040. The main focus of the press conference was on Audi AI. Audi’s new technology label encompasses all the company’s intelligent technologies designed to reduce the driver’s workload while offering a multitude of new ways to make spending time in a car enjoyable and rewarding.

The participants experienced an entertaining show that presented cogent, finely crafted messages and delivered the world’s media a strong narrative bolstered by powerful imagery

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